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After JFDI.Asia and Lean Startup Machine I started MagicBus with Chris and Jason.

MagicBus is a bus planning and dispatching platform that is designed to connect and power future self-driving buses. We're a YC W16 company.

I love sci-fi, Tintin, Hemingway, and visually intense pictures. Octopuses fascinate me.

Customer Development
And Lean Startup

Customer Development is fun. I wrote on this topic quite a bit in the past. 3 Steps to Great Customer Development gets a lot of traffic thanks to Lean Startup Circle's Customer Interview wiki. There are many other resources on the wiki page, take a look!

by 2043

The evolution of platforms, infrastructure, and media is very interesting. History repeats itself, and new standards emerge.

Ubiquity is a blog post I wrote to remind myself of what I am pursuing. Hopefully, I will have found ubiquity by 2043.


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